Talk About Cleopatra Licciardo-Toivola Wedding

Cleopatra Licciardo-Toivola Wedding,Cleopatra Licciardo-Toivola is a personality in the novel The Wedding Date through Shelly Laurens ton. She is one of the foremost characters and phase of the love triangle. She is a princess from Egypt and she has to marry who she loves – Ramses or Anemones (the father).

Her gown for the wedding ceremony is a pink gown with gold beading that has blue plants as nicely as silver pearls, it represents her royal status. It’s additionally very revealing. The bodice exposes cleavage and you can see her pudgy belly, curvaceous hips and thick thighs. It’s an fascinating desire for a wedding ceremony costume due to the fact it suggests off this woman’s physique components that are normally blanketed up in much less revealing garb choices.

Ramses Licciardo-Toivola

Ramses Licciardo-Toivola is the groom in cleopatra licciardo-toivola wedding and he is a prince of Egypt. He is described as a good-looking man with mild brown hair and eyes, who wears a white gown with blue linings and a gold rope belt. He’s richer than you can even imagine, he owns six palaces and a fleet of ships. His household has been in electricity for greater than 5 centuries. He has a very massive family; his siblings are Ismailis, their spouses, children, aunts and uncles. They all stay collectively in one wing of the palace. He has many servants, however he’s now not the most preferred son, he is the twenty sixth in line to the throne.

Aemonis Licciardo-Toivola

Ammonia Cleopatra Licciardo-Toivola Wedding is Cleopatra’s husband and he comes from a very rich household in Italy. He wears a white gown and a gold rope belt round his waist. He’s now not from a royal family, however his household is very rich and situated a financial institution that is nevertheless in enterprise today.

Backdrop and Props

The backdrop of this e book is the wedding ceremony of Ramses and Cleopatra Licciardo-Toivola Wedding. This is a very lavish wedding. Everything is simply so lovely and in order. There are many plants and the meals is delicious. It is a very romantic wedding. The clothes are very fancy and exhibit off the bride’s figure.


The Signing of the Contracts

At the wedding ceremony ceremony, the contracts are signed. This is the criminal settlement between the two families. It states who will pay for the expenses, who will obtain the inheritance, who will be accountable for the kids, who will get hold of the residence if they get divorced, who will get the vehicle and so on.

The Wedding Ceremony

After the contract signing, the wedding ceremony ceremony starts. The wedding ceremony is a very vital tournament in the lives of many people, so they gown up and go to the church to have fun the union between two people. This is a very essential tournament for the bride and groom due to the fact it marks the establishing of their wedded life. The wedding ceremony ceremony is a very vital phase of a wedding. It is the place the two turn out to be one. The groom offers the bride his most treasured gift: himself.

The Procession to the Church

After the ceremony, the couple goes to the church. There the visitors are welcomed via the priest and the choir sings songs. After the welcome, the couple goes to the altar the place they stand in the front of the congregation and make their vows. Then they signal the wedding ceremony certificate, which is the reliable registration of the marriage. This is the method of going to the church and having the wedding ceremony ceremony.

The Wedding Reception

After the wedding ceremony ceremony, the newly married couple goes to their reception. There they have a scrumptious meal with wine and some music. After the meal, they dance together, which is very romantic. This takes place in the night after the wedding ceremony ceremony and the wedding ceremony reception. This is what takes place after the wedding ceremony ceremony.


The Wedding Date is an fascinating love story about the princess Cleopatra and her love for Arthur. Cleopatra Licciardo-Toivola is an fascinating character, who is described as gorgeous, smart, wealthy and royal. Her wedding ceremony costume is very revealing and suggests off her curvaceous body, as properly as her thick thighs, as it’s very tight fitting.

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